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Role of Massage Therapy in Injury Recovery

Recovering from an injury requires increasing your flexibility and strength. Massage therapy can play an important role in supplementing the recovery process, encouraging blood circulation, relaxing the muscles, helping the body transport nutrients and oxygen to vital organs and tissues, making the injured areas more flexible, causing them to heal faster.

Massage therapy can help with a host of conditions, including the reduction of scar tissue, promoting faster healing in soft tissue injuries, people with restricted blood circulation and restricted movement of lymph flows, limited range of motion in joints and muscles and muscle spasms, stiffness and tension. Massage therapy provides a range of benefits. Here are a few of them.

Improvement in Muscle Nutrition

In simple terms, muscles become healthier and blood circulation is improved as a result of massage therapy. During and after a massage, the patient experiences an increase in the interchange of valuable substances between cell tissues and the blood, increasing tissue metabolism. Massage therapy plays a role in maximizing oxygen and nutrients to the injured area by promoting blood flow. This goes a long way in helping the body heal from the injury.

Muscle Flexibility Improved

Massage therapy improves the patients’ flexibility, allowing them to achieve a full range of motion in their muscles, improving the health of the injured area. This allows patients to utilize the injured area once more, as long as they keep the intensity of its use within safe bounds. It additionally helps the body’s muscle-building improve.


Quicker Recovery Time

Massage therapy can lessen the recovery time that it takes for an injury to heal. Carbonic acid and lactic acid are two waste products that can lodge themselves in muscle, particularly after exercise. Massage therapy helps the body get rid of them faster by promoting blood circulation.

Preventing Injuries in the Future

Massage therapy can also help future injuries from occurring. It helps in the prevention of adhesions, stretching connective tissue, improving circulation. It also has a bearing on the release of certain chemicals required by the body for healing itself, chemicals such as nitrogen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Here is a look at some common injuries that can benefit tremendously from massage therapy.

Pain in the Lower Back

A sizeable chunk of the population works in office jobs. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that pain in the lower back is common. When a person is seated, it adds pressure to the back muscles and the spine, pressure that increases if the person slouches or otherwise has bad posture, as most people unfortunately do.

Pain in the lower back can usually be avoided by correcting one’s posture or by using chairs designed to adjust to one’s body shape. Sit-stand desks or standing desks can also prove useful. But if you’re suffering from lower back pain, get in touch with a massage therapist.

Repetitive Strain Injury

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) is common, like pain in the lower back, especially for people leading sedentary lifestyles. It can be caused due to the overuse of certain parts of the body, including shoulders, arms, hands, back, and the soft tissues in the neck. For somebody sitting in front of a computer throughout the day, working with a mouse in their hands, they can experience a tingling sensation, tightness, and numbness in their neck, hands, and other body parts. Ergonomic equipment can decrease the risk of one developing RSI, as can using softer grips to hold tools in the office and taking breaks regularly. However, if you already suffer from this, see a massage therapist.

Soft Tissue Injuries

These types of injuries engulf a broad category. There refer to injuries that involve soft tissue, as opposed to, for example, bone. A few examples of these injuries include injury to the myofascial tissue, tendon injuries, ligament sprains, and muscle strains. These kinds of injuries can be caused by physical activity generally, exercising, and playing sports. Those of you suffering from soft tissue injuries should seek immediate medical attention. The impacted area ought to be supported, compressed, iced, and rested to decrease the swelling. You may not want to seek massage therapy straight away, at least not directly on the injured area. However, indirect massage, around the injured area, may prove beneficial.

Neck Pain Related to Muscles

People commonly get injuries in their necks owing to a variety of factors, factors including poor sleeping positions, poor posture, sports injuries and constant strain. These injuries can be a source of nuisance in one’s daily life. Massage therapy can address these problems, targeting and addressing the specific groups of muscles that have been impacted. For instance, deep tissue massage can be employed, treating the causes behind one’s neck pain.

Knee Pain Related to Muscles

Massage therapy of the right kind can also help to treat knee injuries. The human knee contains multiple muscles and joints, leaving it susceptible to injury and pain. For instance, one kind of knee injury is referred to as patellofemoral pain, referring to pain arising around and in the joint of the knee, between the thighbone and overlying kneecap. Professional massage therapists will first assess the impacted muscle and areas of the joint, and then deliver the massage therapy that fits the need. However, to ensure that the problem isn’t more serious, such as an ACL injury, you will need to consult an osteopath or physio as well.

Tennis Elbow

Despite the name, this injury doesn’t impact tennis players only. It can impact anyone who places a great deal of strain on his/her elbow, including cleaners, typists and bricklayers. The cause behind this kind of injury is the repeated bending backward of the wrist, causing the tendons and muscles in the area to become overused. Elevating the elbow, compressing it, and icing it can help reduce the swelling and inflammation. People with tennis elbow will benefit from massage therapy. They may want to combine it with physiotherapy and pain management.

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