How do chiropractors treat an auto injury?

Most people experiencing an auto injury assume that medication or surgery is the only option they have to manage the pain. But they are mistaken as an auto injury chiropractor can provide a non-invasive and easy solution for their auto injury recovery.

An auto injury chiropractor has expertise in treating injuries that result in back pain, whiplash, neck pain, or any other painful condition resulting from a car accident. One of the most significant advantages of consulting an auto accident chiropractor like Southside Chiropractic is that they can recommend non-invasive treatments.This post will explore how auto injury chiropractors treat auto accident victims and why you should consider them for your injuries.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Auto Injury Victims ?

Spinal manipulation

An auto injury clinic may use several techniques to ensure you recover faster from your injuries after a car accident. One of the most common techniques chiropractors utilize is spinal manipulation or rehabilitation. In this technique, chiropractors at just spinal joints with high-intensity rapid movements to relieve pain. While spinal manipulation can be of several types, there are three primary techniques:

Flexion-distraction technique:

It is an auto accident injury treatment for bulging or herniated discs. In the flexion-distraction procedure, an auto-injury chiropractor will use slow pumping action on the herniated discs to put them back in place. This reduces pain and inflammation in the spine, primarily because of whiplash.

Instrument-assisted manipulation:

As the name suggests, this technique uses a specialized hand-held tool to apply force to the spine without thrusting. This spinal manipulation technique is recommended for older patients with weaker joints or degenerative joint syndrome. It is gentler and has a higher recovery time.

Specific spinal manipulation:

Some injuries can result in abnormal damage to your spine. In such cases, a chiropractor will use precise spinal manipulation to restore the joint’s normal motion. First, the chiropractor will identify the affected spinal joints and then, using a gentle thrusting technique, will stretch the soft tissue in the region. This will trigger the nervous system to restore normal motion in the injured joints.

Muscle Massaging

After a car injury, the injured muscles can also be a significant source of pain. While the sudden impact primarily affects the spine and joints, it can also result in muscle injury that can go unnoticed only to surface after a few days or weeks.

Appropriately stretching and moving your muscles can help accelerate recovery and reduce pain. Your auto-injury chiropractor will use this technique in addition to other methods to provide relief from pain.

Southside Chiropractic uses auto-injury solutions such as muscle massaging that provide maximum recovery and rehabilitation. We are the best chiropractor in Jacksonville, FL for treating pain or discomfort caused due to muscle injury after a car accident or any other incident. When a patient visits with a muscle injury, our chiropractors carefully examine their condition to evaluate the possible treatment options. Muscle massaging sessions can last for an hour, but our auto accident chiropractors ensure that you feel comfortable and relaxed almost immediately during this short period.

Muscle massaging is an excellent chiropractic treatment as it is rarely painful. It can relieve pain in the affected region without any medication or surgery, and you can recover from the injury faster.

Relieves Stress

One of the hidden side effects of a car crash is stress. When the human body is exposed to a specific trauma, such as a car accident, it goes into a flight or fight response. The outcome of such a response is stress, depression, and anxiety. While these conditions might not be apparent immediately, they can manifest later. An auto accident chiropractor can play an essential role in helping your body relieve stress. A 2011 study of patients who received chiropractic adjustments for neck pain showed that the part of the brain responsible for pain processing and stress reactions had reduced brain activity after chiropractic adjustments. Simply put, the PET scans of the patients made it clear that their bodies were relaxed and had a significantly lower cortisol level. This enzyme is released when the body is anxious or stressed.

This is another way a chiropractor can provide auto accident injury treatment to improve quality of life. By reducing the stress level, chiropractors reduce the recovery time because stress is known to obstruct recovery and increase the risk of chronic pain.


If you have been in a car accident resulting in injury causing pain, do note that chiropractic treatment is an option. Southside Chiropractic in Jacksonville Fl is a known injury-from-car accident chiropractor clinic that provides auto injury solutions using various tools and techniques. Our spinal manipulation and mobilization treatments can realign vertebrae, restore joint flexibility, reduce inflammation and pain, and restore a full range of motion. Book your appointment today for an evaluation.

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