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What Is Massage Therapy ?

Have you gone through the rigorous process of searching for a reputable massage clinic near your area? Or perhaps you need a massage clinic to help you stay fit and overcome all kinds of body pain. Then we invite you to the Southside Chiropractic & Car Accident Injury Clinic.

Southside Chiropractic & Car Accident Injury Clinic is a registered massage therapy clinic that specializes in four key areas which include car accidents, spinal decompression, cold laser therapy, and DOT Medical Examination. The Clinic provides chiropractic care which is more than just an ordinary massage to all patients.

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system or the realignment of the spine, and it does so without the use of medications or surgical procedures. Southside Chiropractic & Car Accident Injury Clinic offers all types of massage therapies that provide numerous benefits to the body system.

Massage therapy is the manual manipulation of the soft tissues of the body such as the muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissues to enhance function, reduce nerve compression, pain and inflammation, promote relaxation, calm the nervous system, reduce blood pressure, improve posture, and improve blood circulation.

It is also a clinically- approved healthcare option that helps reduce the uneasiness associated with everyday stress in life; it does not only relax the boy, spirit, and mind, it is also a healing process for the soft tissues and muscles.

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage is beneficial to relieve extreme tension in the muscle and the connective tissue of the body.

Massage therapy can be beneficial for different health conditions :

  • Neck and back pain                                   
  • Sciatica
  • Sports injuries
  • Headaches
  • Auto accidents
  • Muscle pain and Trigger points
  • Hip pain, knee pain, ankle pain, and shoulder pain
  • Arthritis related pain
  • Pregnancy related back pain


Frequently Asked Questions About Massage Therapy

To learn more about Southside Chiropractic & Car Injury Clinic’s massage therapy treatment, see these answers to commonly asked questions. If you’d like to get started, book an appointment with us today to start treatment.

When the body is under stress, it produces stress hormone which is called the cortisol, and this hormone may contribute to digestive disorder, weight gain, headache, and others. However, with regular massage therapy, cortisol level in the body is decreased radically, and this enables the body to go into recovery mode and triggers lasting dealing with relaxation.

Massage therapy treatment can also lowers blood pressure which, if untreated, could lead to stroke, heart attack, kidney failure, and other health-related ailments. It also reduces the trigger sources of anxiety, tension, and depression in the body

If you looking for expert massage therapist in Jacksonville FL or Starke, FL.

You can contact us on (904) 497-0823 or visit our website. We are registered massage therapy does not only relax the boy, spirit, and mind, it is also a healing process for the soft tissues and muscles.

Regular massage therapy treatment can also strengthen the immune system. Usually, people who experience a high level of stress are more vulnerable to illness and injury. When this stress is combined with poor nutrition and sleep disturbances, it affects the body’s immune system negatively. However, regular massage helps to boost the body system and also reduce stress drastically.

Also, one of the most significant benefits of massage therapy is improving body posture. Many people who experience body pain in America do not know that the primary cause of such pain is bad posture. Chronic bad pain which is a common disability is caused as a result of poor posture while standing or sitting; massage therapy can help the body get its right posture through proper alignment. Massage therapy also helps the body relax and loosen up all the muscles; it helps to correct movement problems developed as a result of pains

Regular massage also fights Fibromyalgia which is a chronic condition that causes muscle pain, and fatigue. Frequent Fibromyalgia massages can help relieve stress and discomfort in patients suffering from fibromyalgia.

Massage therapy targets causes of body pains eliminates tense muscles, provides relaxation to the affected muscles and also increases flexibility.

Regular massage therapy also helps to improve body flexibility. Massage involves working on the muscles, connective tissues and ligament, stimulating this tissues could help in increasing the flexibility of the body at all time.

One of the long-term benefits of massage therapy is the improved circulation of blood in the body. Massage therapy promotes blood circulation through the use of hands-on pressure which helps to move the blood through the congested and damaged areas of the body. Also, the twisting, squeezing and pulling actions of the massage therapy helps to remove lactic acid from the tissues, thereby improving the lymph fluid circulation, which helps to carry metabolic waste products around the muscles.

Massage therapy also helps to reduce migraines which are caused by stress and poor sleep. Studies show that people who receive regular massage have a better quality sleep and less migraines than those who do not.

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