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Dr. Matthew Lowry DC From Southside Chiropractic & Car Injury Clinic Treating Hidden Injuries From A Car Accident

Risk of Hidden Injuries from a Car Accident

A lot of car accidents take place in Jacksonville, FL, each week. While some of these accidents are fatal, others can result in injuries, including hidden injuries. Since you never know whether or not a car accident has resulted in a hidden injury, you should always consult a medical professional. Bear in mind that even minor accidents can end up causing serious damage, particularly if you happen to be in the wrong position inside your vehicle.

Serious accidents will take the victims to the ER, but minor injuries and bruising won’t. Most people think that minor injuries are easy to deal with and they can handle them on their own. This, however, is not a good idea, as hidden injuries, if there are any, will go undetected, resulting in greater problems in the long run. Therefore, even if you feel fine after an accident, you should always consult a medical professional to make sure that you have not suffered any hidden injuries.

Keep in mind that these injuries can lead to complications, which is why it can be a very good idea to visit a Jacksonville, Fl chiropractic clinic as fast as possible. A chiropractor will be able to help you solve the problem in a timely manner, preventing any major issues from arising.

The best part about working with a chiropractor is that you will receive a proper examination of each injury and the medical professional will be able to identify the hidden injuries also.

What Type of Hidden Injuries Can You Experience?

These can start with a minor headache. You can also have a sore neck, elbow, or chest pain, and so on. The symptoms vary from person to person, making hidden injuries incredibly hard to identify. A chiropractor has the necessary tools and experience needed to tackle these types of injuries.

A thorough examination will help to identify all potential health issues. So, you should work closely with your chiropractor, helping to identify and heal the hidden injuries. Just because you don’t feel anything out of the ordinary doesn’t mean that you are perfectly fine. You still need to undergo a chiropractic examination, as this will help you uncover any problems as fast as possible.

Ideally, you want to come to a chiropractic care facility like ours right after the accident. But if you can’t do that, then you should visit your chiropractor as soon as you encounter any pain or stiffness. It’s important to figure out what’s wrong and what causes the discomfort as quickly as you can. With the right help, you will quickly get the results that you are looking for.

Common Hidden Injuries Caused by Car Accidents

Here’s a look at some common hidden injuries that car accidents can cause.

• Quicker Recovery Time

Massage therapy can lessen the recovery time that it takes for an injury to heal. Carbonic acid and lactic acid are two waste products that can lodge themselves in muscle, particularly after exercise. Massage therapy helps the body get rid of them faster by promoting blood circulation.

• Herniated Discs

Car accidents often strain a victim’s back and neck, commonly called ‘whiplash.’ However, injuries can sometimes be much more severe than mild strains. It is possible for a person involved in a car collision to rupture the tissue that lies between their spinal vertebrae, a condition referred to as a ‘herniated disc,’ inflaming the nerves that come out of the spine, putting pressure on them, resulting in loss of feeling, severe pain, and sometimes even in one losing control of one’s leg or arm muscles. These symptoms don’t necessarily appear right away but can be delayed by weeks or even months. Injuries of this nature can require surgery and result in disability in the long run.

• Brain Injuries Caused by Trauma to the Head

If your head suffers trauma in the course of a car accident, whipping back and forth or striking something, the impact can result in damage to your brain, causing what is referred to as a ‘traumatic brain injury.’ It can adversely impact your brain function in the long run. These injuries are particularly treacherous, not being apparent straight away. They can surface months later, with the injured individual noticing that they’re becoming forgetful or undergoing a change in personality, becoming increasingly impatient, irritable and angry, taking on mental attitudes that weren’t present prior to the accident.

• Knee Injuries

During a car accident, the victims can often be propelled forward, their knees crashing into the car’s dashboard, resulting in trauma to their knees. This can cause a variety of injuries, including a shattered kneecap (patella). The knees’ cartilage can also undergo damage, tearing the meniscus. Such injuries can also be caused by jamming on the brake too hard, compressing the knee. Sometimes these injuries can be hidden, not becoming noticeable until the knee inflames enough to cause pain. They can require surgery to treat.

• Shoulder Injuries

The seatbelts in cars wrap over only one shoulder, meaning that an accident can cause a great impact on that one shoulder when the impact throws the victims forward, twisting their bodies. The shoulder can sustain a range of different injuries, such as shoulder strains, deep bruising, and sometimes, in more severe cases, tearing of the shoulder ligaments. Such tears can require surgery if they are to be repaired. Shoulder injuries may not be apparent at first. But they develop over time, the pain worsens, the condition becomes chronic.

Why Should You Visit a Professional Chiropractor?

As we’ve said, one of the primary benefits of working with a chiropractor is that it’s a lot easier to identify hidden injuries. Not only that, but the chiropractor will also create a plan that will help you to recover as quickly as possible. Thanks to a chiropractor’s care, you will remove the interference that comes from subluxations within the nervous system. These subluxations will make it harder for you to heal your body adequately, which is why you should opt for chiropractic care as fast as possible.

When you come to us, we will use all our equipment and experience to help you recover. Since we can perform precise adjustments and we have a gentle approach, you can count on us to help you regain your health as quickly as possible.

Is Chiropractic Care Expensive?

We put a lot of work and commitment to ensure that our patients deal with any hidden injuries as fast as possible. We are specialized in car accident injuries, and we have a 100% success rate. However, we understand that a car accident can take its toll on your life and your finances. This is why our costs are very affordable. We recommend you give us a call right away, and our team will be more than happy to help you start your recovery process.

You will recover very fast from your car accident if you choose to work with our team. Here you can find vetted chiropractors that have all the experience and equipment needed to help you regain your health in no time. Make the most out of this great opportunity and treat any hidden injuries from your car accident as fast as possible.

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