Why is chiropractic treatment effective after a car accident injury?

A car accident is a dreadful situation that can result in serious injuries. Often people start experiencing back pain after an accident, but it might not always appear immediately. You may begin experiencing symptoms of body pain even after several weeks. It is not unusual for people to walk away from the scene of an accident virtually unscathed, only to develop injury pain later on.

A car accident chiropractor can help you manage such pain much more efficiently. But before we discuss this further, it is essential to understand how can a car accident cause back pain.

Back pain is most likely among all the injuries that can be sustained during a car accident. It is because of how a body is subject to the sudden force of the collision. After a car accident, whiplash is the common reason why victims get back, shoulder, and neck pain. When your head is snapped suddenly in one direction, the impact can cause pain. Another reason can be dislocation or injury to the intervertebral discs. These are soft and spongy cushions between the spine’s bones designed to absorb impacts. A sudden impact during a car accident can cause a test to push out of its position triggering severe back pain. Injury to muscles, ligaments, or nerves is another reason for delayed pain.

What Do Car Accident Chiropractors Do?

A professional care service like Southside Chiropractic can provide much-needed physical therapy to help heal the injuries that you might have sustained. Chiropractors are certified medical caregivers with years of training and experience in physiotherapy and can easily help manage pains caused due to a car accident.

Here are the reasons why chiropractic treatment is effective after a car accident injury.

Reduces inflammation in the body

A common reason for back pain after a car accident is inflammation, a common side effect. Due to the sudden impact of the force of the accident,, many micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles result in inflammation throughout the body. These are impossible to pick up by x-ray or other diagnoses. After a few hours, days, or even weeks, the inflammation causes stiffness and soreness in the body. Chiropractic manipulations at a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic can help your body release the anti-inflammatory chemical. This naturally reduces internal swelling and pain and promotes faster healing. A car accident chiropractor understands how to reduce inflammation in the body even if the symptoms are not present immediately. They can proactively heal micro-tears to manage pain before any serious condition originates due to the pain.

Prevent further back pain

Back pain is a highly likely side-effect of a car accident. However, if not managed carefully, it can further worsen. Usually, people seek help from their physicians after experiencing back pain, but an auto-injury treatment center can provide better assistance. Physicians give medicines that suppress the pain, but the stiffness and discomfort remain that can come later on because of chronic back pain. A car accident chiropractor focuses on areas of healing so that the scar tissue is minimal and there is no stiffness or discomfort later on. Chiropractors help manage back pain in a manner that reduces the risk of further back problems originating in the future. Even if you do not experience back pain immediately, you should consult an auto accident injury chiropractor. We at Southside Chiropractic do a thorough investigation of the condition of the patients so we can proactively heal back pain and also minimize the risk of further problems.

Restores mobility

The loss of mobility after a car accident is because of the combination of pain and inflammation in your back and neck. People are left immobile after a severe car accident, but you might be able to restore mobility much faster if you visit a Jacksonville chiropractic clinic. It is usual for people to find it difficult to move around as they did before an accident, but your chiropractor can help you reduce inflammation and speed up the healing process. This will enable you to regain mobility much sooner and participate in activities you cannot do because of the car accident. Mobility issues can be minor or significant, depending on the inflammation and the severity of the impact. A car accident chiropractor can provide the needed physical therapy for faster healing.


Southside Chiropractic is a leading Jacksonville chiropractic clinic helping patients to heal faster, safer, and better from a car accident injury. We hope now you understand why an auto accident injury chiropractor can provide better assistance than a physician. If you are suffering from back pain or any other injury due to a car accident, our skilled and experienced chiropractic team is here to extend our help and assess your condition to offer the best healing.


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